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Toy's > Bishoujo Senshi Sera Muun (Sailor Moon)

In 1992 Bandai Japan/Asia made the first Sailor Moon Role Playing Toy's
for the hit new series: Sailor Moon. As far as we know other than the
Star Locket, Moon Stick & the Luna Pen there are no other RP-toy's for this season.
Please click on "Click" below each thumbnail for a larger view of that image!

Item: Moon Stick
Phrases used with item:
Moon Healing Escalation!
One of my favorites,
Sailor Moon also used this item
to locate the 7 rainbow crystals.
Bandai Asia

Item: Star Locket
Phrases used with item:
On the Moon, Princess Usagi
gives this to the Prince of earth:
as a symbole of their love.
Bandai Asia

Please note: I would like the Bandai Japan versions of both these items!